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Universal Daily Crossword Help Guide

Free Daily Crosswords offers an unlimited number of crossword puzzles that can be played online.  It’s a user friendly site and very easy to use. Here are the simple guidelines in solving your crossword puzzle at

  • To begin, click the “CROSSWORD PUZZLES” that is located at the left side of the website menu.
  • This page will show up where you can see several options. Please follow the guidelines below:

Crossword Puzzle Main Menu

  1.      You can choose from the archive which daily puzzle to play. Click the drop down menu and choose which daily puzzles to play.
  2.      Before you start to play the game, click “Options” to set the music, sounds, clock, clue bubble and skill level by simply check or unchecked each choice.

Skills Levels: You can choose which level that dares you the most. There are two levels available as Master Level and Regular Level.

  • Regular Level – This is the default setting. Incorrect answers will appear in red and when you are stumped by a clue, you may use the “SOLVE” menu options to quickly solve a single letter or an entire answer.
  • Master Level – All typed letter (whether correct of incorrect) appear in black. Plus, the options to SOLVE letter and answers are disabled.

There are also available buttons to activate the actions you preferred. Simply click each action that you desire or you can also use the shortcut keys that are indicated beside each button. Once, you’re ready to play just click “OK.”


C.      For crossword help and instructions simply click “HELP” for the information. (This guide provides similar instructions as this)

  1.      The “BEST TIMES” button shows your game history together with your score.
  2.      Click “PLAY NOW” to start the game.
  • Once you click the “PLAY NOW” button, it’s now ready for you to solve the game. Below are the guidelines.

  • On the left side is the crossword grid while the clue list, timer and other options are placed on the right side.
  • Begin to play the crossword puzzle by clicking the clues you want to solve either across or downwards.
  • Active clues and squares are highlighted in green color. To change the orientation of the active clue from DOWN to ACROSS, click the square twice or hit it off the clue highlighted in yellow from the clue lists on the right side.
  • Answer the clue by typing the letter or word in the grid.
  • To select other specific clues, simply click the small arrows at the top and bottom of the clue lists to scroll.
  • The default color for incorrect answer is red, while black for the correct answer.  (Not applicable for MASTER LEVEL)
  • If you didn’t recognize the correct answer, click “SOLVE” located above the clue lists for the solution. You can either choose “LETTER” or “WORD” so the right answer will show up.  (Not applicable for MASTER LEVEL)
  • The clue bubble appears in the full game. If you like to remove it, simply click “X.” You can turn it back on in the OPTIONS tab located at the right side.
  • If you want to have a break from solving the crossword puzzle, click “SAVE” and the “OPTIONS” tab where the “PAUSE” tab is located.  To continue playing, click “RESUME.”

  • The entire result of your game will appear once you’re done solving the crossword puzzle.

  • You can either choose to click “LOOK OVER PUZZLE” or “RETURN TO MENU” for a new game.

If you’ve encountered any problems with the crossword, please click “CONTACT US” at the bottom of the page to report the problem and for other inquiries. Enjoy!

July 22, 2013 -- Crossword Lover


  1. What happened? I came to the site and the puzzle format has changed. I don’t like this new format!!

    Will it be going back to the old one soon? If not, I’ll not be back.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hi Steve,

      It’s a new change that some people like and dislike. It’s more friendly with different computers and works with tablets etc. Also doesn’t require any flash plugin to load. We are currently working on a way to provide both the new and old. Please bare with us whist we work through this.

  2. Nancy Galuski says:

    This morning the daily crossword site is telling me I need to install Adobe Flash, but my PC already has Adobe Flash. I used this site yesterday with no problem and today it is saying OOPS you don’t have Adobe Flash. When I tried to install the Adobe as requested by the puzzle site, my Norton anti-virus program would not allow it, saying it was an unsafe site. Is there an issue going on with your puzzle site?

  3. i think it’;s good i love crossword puzzles i’m a master

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