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      January 4, 2018 -- Crossword Lover


      1. Sharon Donnelly says:

        Hi, just wanted to let you know the January 12th solution doesn’t match the puzzle. Thanks. Sharon

      2. Hi, first let me say, thanks for all the great crossword puzzles. Second, January 24th solution page does not match up with the crossword puzzle.

      3. Good day! I just wanted to let you know that the February 24th solution link is not working properly.

      4. Where are the solutions for 3/24 & 3/25? Did I miss something? (I haven’t “bugged” you in a long time.)

      5. Robert W Winborn says:

        What has happened to, What has happened to March 24/25 solutions?

      6. April 6th puzzle solution doesn’t match the puzzle.

      7. Marguerite Fauvelle says:

        hi would like the answers to nov,29th free daily crossword puzzle 2017 please

      8. Mark Rebecek says:

        No solutions for January 19th 2018 thru January 31st. What gives?

      9. RE: SOLUTION FOR 4/13/2018 – :”This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below”.

        ERROR code (access denied) & etc…

      10. HI April 9 answers don’t match the puzzle thanks…

      11. Thank you Volunteers for all the work you do! (your errors are understandable and forgiven).

      12. “CWL”: six days of puzzles and solutions without at glitch.
        I appreciate this; Thank you!

      13. MARC SNOW says:

        the solutions for 4/9/18 do not match the puzzle. It looks as though it is trying to reference a November dir.
        http://puzzles.freedailycrosswords.com/November/09-04-2018-solution.pdf. Please provide the correct solution. thank you

      14. The April solutions to puzzles I have looked at are all to different puzzles. April 9, 2018 says 9-4-18. I see Marc above had same problem.

      15. cannot find solutions for June Puzzles

      16. Mark Rebecek says:

        Solutions do not match for April 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th. Please advise where to fine correct solutions for these dates..

        • Crossword Lover says:

          Hello, if they do not match please check around the approximate dates, sometimes they are mismatched just by one day.

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