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Here at free daily crosswords we know some of you like to print your puzzles to complete everyday so we have provided you with a list of every day’s crossword puzzle and solution that are easy to load and print using with the free to use trusted Adobe PDF reader. Return daily to find a new Printable puzzle and its solution. If you have any questions about the puzzles or the solutions please use the comments form below. Thank you for supporting Free Daily Crosswords your daily free printable crossword trusted provider!

May 2017 Printable Crosswords
April 2017 Printable Crosswords

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April 4, 2017 -- Crossword Lover


  1. Why are the puzzles so simple now? The answers don’t match up
    with your solutions. Thanks.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hi Mary, Most people have been complaining about the Crosswords being too difficult. I’m not sure how we can please everyone. Yes sorry we made a mistake. Please check the dates back or forward a day.

      • Kathleen Strunk says:

        Thank you for supplying us with puzzles

      • Lynn McHatton says:

        I can no longer get these puzzles to print. One did, then no others. I even went back to the first one to see if I could print it again, but I couldn’t. I also tried to print the solutions. Then I posted a comment similar to this, and a popup said I was was posting comments too quickly! I only sent one! What’s up with that? We love your puzzles; we’ve been doing them for years, but now we can’t print them. I wish I knew what’s happening. (This is my second comment today)

  2. I agree with Mary; the puzzles are much easier than they used to be. The satisfaction of doing crossword puzzles is solving one that seemed too difficult to finish. It took me only 5 minutes to do today’s puzzle and only in three cases did I need any help from a crossing word. The good thing about your puzzles is that I use them for my ninth grade students for whom they do present a moderate challenge.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Let us see if we can get some time to add more challenging puzzles whilst still keeping these for the many others who enjoy them as well.

  3. Marilyn Rice says:

    I love the puzzles! Thanks for making them for us!

  4. The new puzzle this Sunday was a lot of fun! Thanks a lot; appreciate
    your effort.

  5. Your new puzzles are fantastic. Not too easy and not too hard. Just right!

  6. Your puzzles provide two senior citizens a lot of pleasure. The puzzles of late have been too simple. It was sort of an understanding on our part that starting with Monday each puzzle thereafter proved to be more difficult. What we have seen lately is all Monday challenging puzzles. We welcome some harder puzzles.
    You have probably said but we missed it-what happened to the LA Times puzzles? The always provided a nice balance with the Free Daily. We do go to the archives and retrieve some old LA Times puzzles for some variety. But it would be nice to see them again.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Thank you. We are sorry but we can’t afford to pay the licence fees for the LA Times crosswords anymore. We hope you still enjoy our other crosswords.

  7. Solutions for April 17th and 18th?

  8. I LOVE the more difficult puzzles. I am a retired teacher of English and never had much time for them. I’m making up for it now!

    Thank you!

  9. Puzzle won’t load. Error message XML file does not seem to have any style information associated with it.??

  10. Hi, what happened to Sat. and Sun. the 22nd and 23rd? It says access denied.
    I really miss them. thanks.

  11. I love your printable puzzles. As the week goes on they become more difficult. I do Mondays & Tuesdays.I am loving every bit of it.
    Thank you ,thank you ,thank you. Do not stop .

    Kindest Regards


  12. I am retired , after I do my walk in the Mall , I sit in the Food Court and do puzzles . You help make my day.
    Thanks again.

  13. What is the problem with April 23rd & todays puzzle. Will not come up.

  14. I tried printing the puzzle today and I get the message that “access was denied” and other days I have no problem.

  15. I love the puzzles but I keep getting “access denied” on some, like
    today Thursday.

  16. Celticcrossinc says:

    looking for the solutions from April 28 – May 2.

    where are they?


  17. caroline says:

    Where are the solutions for April 6-15, 2017?

    • Marybeth Riley says:

      I asked about this a few days ago and still haven’t heard. The 5-10 are there, but not 11-15th.

  18. Celticcrossinc says:

    still looking for the solutions for APRIL 28 – 30 – STILL NOT APPEARING OR NO REPLY!!

  19. Mark Rebecek says:

    Second request. Where are the Print Solutions for April 28th, 29th and 30th 2017? Also for May 1st thru May 8th 2017. Mark Rebecek

  20. Mark Rebecek says:

    Second request. Where are print solutions for April 28th, 29th and 30th 2017? Also for May 1st thru May 8th 2017.

  21. Where is the solution for April 28th 2017

  22. Betty Criner says:

    Liked both easy and difficult puzzles . Appreciate the FREE access .
    Thank you

  23. I see some complaints here about the puzzles. I think they’re great and am happy you are offering them free of charge. Thanks for all you do. No complaining, here!

  24. What happened to Fri. and Sat. the 12th and 13th? Thanks.

  25. Where are the puzzles for May 11, 12, and 13th? Thanks.

  26. Justin Turgeon says:

    When will the answers for the 15th be available?

  27. I can’t seem to get May 18 or 20th, can you please help? thanks

  28. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    I can’t access the puzzles for Thursday May 18 or today, May 20,2017..Getting an error code for each one. My day isn’t complete without one of your fine puzzles!

  29. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    Thanks for fixing the problem!

  30. Puzzle and puzzle solutions on one page…will that ever happen again?

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hello, Unfortunately no. When we attempted this too many people did not perfer the new format. It sacrificed space for the main crossword to fit. Therefore making the crosswords smaller and harder to read. We do suggest to just crosscheck the crosswords solutions with your completed puzzles online, thus saving you the need to print the solutions as well. You can check them anytime you require.

  31. I am missing puzzles for May 30 & 31. All i get is access denied.

  32. Sherry Simonic says:

    The puzzles are NOT updated everyday! The last one I can print out is from Monday the 29th. What gives?
    This is Thursday June 1st.

  33. Puzzles are great. Thanks for emailing me that they are now available. I enjoy the ability to print the puzzles and then the solutions. You are doing a good job. Again, thanks, ALS

  34. Today’s puzz Fri June 9 won’t let me print. HELP!

  35. Jerry Horn says:

    thank you so much for these printables. I am stuck in-house with my disabilities and look forward to these puzzles for something to do

  36. C’mon! Where’s today’s puzzle! 7/11…,,

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