Printable Daily Crosswords for February 2016

Here at free daily crosswords we know some of you like to print your puzzles to complete everyday so we have provided you with a list of every day’s crossword puzzle and solution that are easy to load and print using with the free to use trusted Adobe PDF reader. Return daily to find a new Printable puzzle and its solution. If you have any questions about the puzzles or the solutions please use the comments form below. Thank you for supporting Free Daily Crosswords your daily free printable crossword trusted provider!

February 2015 Printable Crosswords and Solutions

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February 1, 2016 -- Crossword Lover


  1. Puzzles are close to being unprintable – there are practically no margins! It gets any wider, it’ll either be clipped off, or the printer will refuse to print it due to margin width. (& yes, I’ve tried adjusting the size, doesn’t matter.)

    And why do you have to go thru so many clicks, just to get to the current puzzle? It’s silly to have to click thru march, then April to even get to May – when it’s possible to NOT have to do this. As you’ve done before.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      We haven’t changed anything on our end so I am not sure as to the issue.

      You don’t need to go through so many clicks. We have a page that displays all the months on a single page here – Printable Crossword Puzzles. It’s also linked in the main menu.

  2. Choose date, click on puzzle, & print

  3. Alan Dennis Arsenault says:

    Is it possible to download a month’s worth of puzzles at a time or does each one have to be selected and printed individually?

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