Printable Daily Crosswords for June 2015

Here at free daily crosswords we know some of you like to print your puzzles to complete everyday so we have provided you with a list of each day’s crossword puzzle and solution that are easy to load and print using with the free to use trusted Adobe PDF reader. Return daily to find a new Printable puzzle and its solution. If you have any questions about the puzzles or the solutions please use the comments form below. Thank you for supporting Free Daily Crosswords your daily free printable crossword trusted provider!

June 2015 Printable Crosswords and Crossword Solutions

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June 1, 2015 -- Crossword Lover


  1. I love these puzzles. They aren’t too hard but very challenging for me. I just wish we had more than one puzzle per day.

  2. Puzzles aren’t printing today. Looks like it is going to open in pdf format…then doesn’t?????

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hi, everything is working ok for us. Please try and refresh your browser cache or try another browser. Hope this helps!

  3. Dan Mulhern says:

    Where do I find solutions?

    • Crossword Lover says:

      They are all listed on this page. Example: Saturday 6th June, 2015 – Be car-ful – Print Solution.

  4. Pat Devlin says:

    I am so hooked! I have a hissy fit if I can’t get online!

  5. Thank you for my daily treat! This is my favorite puzzle site!

  6. Thank you for my daily treat. This is my favorite puzzle site!

  7. Is there going to be a puzzle for 6/30/15?

  8. So two days in a row –no puzzle in the morning.What’s up with that?

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hi, In case you haven’t noticed we have posted both July puzzles under this page at the moment.

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