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June 1, 2017 -- Crossword Lover


  1. Sherry Simonic says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful crosswords. I look forward to them everyday.
    Great way to keep an elderly brain sharp.

  2. Germaine Anne Mullen says:

    I have had such fun doing the LA Times Crosswords by Wayne Williams for years.. now if I can print some, I would be so thankful to !

  3. Kita Wreden says:

    Where is the June 6th puzzle? I cannot print it out.

  4. why so the LA Times puzzles usually have several clues missing?

  5. Where is today’s (June 12) puzzle?

  6. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    This site is so much improved but, the delay in puzzles is frustrating. I’m a housebound senior and this is one of my daily entertainments.

  7. I completely agree with Victoria. I am in the same situation.
    But, thanks for all you do.

  8. David Bullock says:

    The puzzle which pops up for Saturday June17th, 2017 is the puzzle for Friday the16th repeated.

  9. I can’t get Saturday June 17th. Every time I click on it, Friday keeps popping up.

  10. Howard Kirby says:

    Cant find the solution for Jun 19.

  11. Bill Adair says:

    Hi. I see new puzzles are coming. I do hope you continue printing the ones you’re posting now — they’re good, challenging but not impossible, and they have a lot to solve.

  12. Hi. What happened to Wed. Tues. keeps popping up. Thanks.

  13. Sherry Simonic says:

    Where are Wednesday June 28 & Thursday June 29. Some days come up right away and then there are days like this…….What happens? Thank you.

  14. JA Mitchell says:

    I cannot get any new puzzles past Tuesday, June 27, 2017. Where are the new puzzles? I am completely in love with your puzzles but the delay is maddening. Thank you…

  15. Hi, I can’t get Thurs. June 29. Wed. keeps popping up. Thanks.

  16. Sherry Simonic says:

    Okie dokie, got Wednesday today, but when I hit on ” today’s puzzle” it keeps coming up for Tuesday!
    My oh my, such a conundrum.

  17. Sorry, they are not. Cannot get Thursday or Today Fri.June 30. The “daily” keeps,coming up as Tuesday.
    Please fix this, I’m frustrated

  18. Thank you Crossword Puzzle Managers, getting the puzzles one day late is not bad. I’ve saved a weeks’ worth of puzzles to enjoy for the long holiday celebration.

  19. Lynn McHatton says:

    July lst solution…I clicked on the other page as usual, but nothing came up. Blank page. Is there another place to get the solution? I liked it much better when they bothe were on the same page.

  20. Lynn McHatton says:
    Is this the correct URL? It’s what I was using before…has it changed? I couldn’t get the solution for July 1st. It said error. Help?

  21. Okay, waiting for today’s puzzle! Some days work so nicely and others are a no show. July 7…today come up access denied.

  22. clunky, unreliable website

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Yes sorry, at least its free! If we pay someone to manage the website full time we would have to charge a fee.

  23. C’mon……FRIDAYS PUZZLE SAYS ACCESS DENIED……..This gets tiresome after a while.

  24. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    Access denied still showing for Fri. July 7th puzzle and no sign of today’s (7/8) puzzle yet. Do you plan to catch up sometime today? Thanks, Victoria

  25. I love this! I am always happy whenever a new puzzle arrives. Thank you so much.

  26. hmmm, having trouble accessing the solutions page again…any solution?

  27. Sunday, July 9th puzzle printed with the date of Saturday, July 8. At least they weren’t the same puzzle. That’s okay. I retain a month’s worth of puzzles. So I just penned in the correct date for my filing.

  28. where are the solutions for the July 2017 puzzles?

  29. crossword puzzle stuck on Tuesday

  30. Thank you for your free printable crosswords! How do I find the solutions? I usually print out the previous week’s puzzles on Saturday or Sunday and once in awhile I would like to find a solution to a current or past puzzle, but don’t know how to do that.
    Thank you!

  31. disappointed says:

    I have never seen a website wih more errors than yours.

  32. One error is that some days nothing shows up like today Monday July 31.

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Hi, Sorry that is just because we are a volunteer service, so sometimes the puzzles are not updated as quickly as we would like.

  33. So many people that use your service complain and moan. I really appreciate what you do,and with no charge!
    Keep up the good work!! Thanks again for all that you do. It’s a great service for many folks.

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