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September 24, 2017 -- Crossword Lover


  1. Jill Mitchell says:

    Thursday August 31st is the same as Saturday September 2?? Will there be a replacement puzzle??

  2. Please update!!!!!

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Sorry we have been busy assisting evacuating people with the pending Hurricane Irma. Crosswords will be updated soon.

  3. louise russell says:

    why is my computer suddenly showing the crossword puzzle sideways?

    • Crossword Lover says:

      It might of been a mistake from us. Please check the new ones. (if they are online yet) We have been busy assisting evacuating people with the pending Hurricane Irma. Crosswords will be updated soon.

  4. What happened to Sept. 7 and 8?

  5. Jilly Mitchell says:

    Why is it every Thursday, the puzzle comes through as code? there is no puzzle- just code??? Thanks for your help- disappointing to some who look forward to your puzzles everyday….

    Thanks so much

  6. What is with the puzzles? I cannot print the puzzle for today(9/26) and STILL cannot get the puzzle. for (9/17)

    Just fix them!!!!!

  7. Jill Mitchell says:

    Any puzzle for Friday, September 22????

    Please update

  8. Where is the puzzle for 10/7, which is today?

  9. Jill Mitchell says:

    Betsy: I dont see a puzzle for 10/7 OR 10/8….do you???

  10. When i hit on Oct. 9, all I get are answers, no puzzle.

  11. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    You folks are great at accommodating us – thanks for all you efforts. I ,for one, appreciate all you do. Victoria

  12. You did good for 1 day. What happened? FIX IT!!!!!

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Comments like this sure motivate us to donate our time to this website for free!

      • Really…..betsy….a little manners and as my THREE YEAR OLD grandson says, “You jus’ got to habe a little patience!” (Misspelling intended, to give a 3yr olds pronunciation.)

    • If you ever wondered why your children never come to visit you, just read your comments here. Maybe be a little more thankful for the nice people who maintain a FREE website for NO MONEY so your entitled self can have a little fun every day!

  13. Jill Mitchell says:

    Hey Guys- the Wednesday 10/11 puzzle seems to be coming up as code… can you fix it please?

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Try now please

      • Jill Mitchell says:

        Thank you so much… I am sure I speak for the rest when I say that we (collectively) do not mean to be aggressive or demeaning toward you… I think I also speak for the rest when I say that we look forward to your puzzles and I get frustrated at times when we can’t get them… I think in a positive light, that is testimony to your website that we LOVE your daily puzzles. Please do not misconstrue my comments as critical….maybe just a little frustration and angst as they really do make my day! Please continue with this site because now I am printing these puzzles for two other friends who enjoy them as well. Keep up the good work! I appreciate it!

        • I also love your crossword puzzles and look forward to them every day! I know you are very busy. Thanks for helping with the evacuation!


    • Betsy, your nastiness doesn’t make the puzzles available any faster, or at all. Tthere was a song “try a little tenderness”…get it?. Do you realize the puzzles are free? Do you realize a LOT of the puzzle sites charge for them? Have you noticed that all their responses to you are friendly? Why don’t you try that as well. (I bet you’ll have something nasty to say to me….but, that will just go to prove my point.).

  15. Janice Woodard says:

    I have been unable to get the solution for October 1. Just code. Also, solution for today (October 16) is for a different puzzle….??

    I also look forward to starting my day with your puzzles!

  16. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    Four days without a new puzzle. Worried about you folks.

  17. Puzzles for Oct. 19,20, 21 or 22?

  18. I, too, love the crosswords and look forward to them daily. With that being said, where are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…Oct . 19,20,21,and 22nd. Long stretch with no puzzles.

    • Janice Woodard says:

      I no sooner posted that then the puzzles in question appeared!

      THANK YOU! for all the work that must go into maintaining this site for our enjoyment!

  19. I, too, love the crosswords and look forward to them daily. With that being said, where are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…Oct

  20. If, on Sunday night, you put 10/21, 10/22 and 10/23 puzzles on the site, why can’t you have the puzzles available every morning?

    • Hey Betsy…..give it a rest…okay? We’re tired of hearing you gripe EVERY SINGLE DAY. Surely you must have other things to do besides nag the people who are working very diligently to give all of us puzzles for free…as I pointed out before, these are FREE…they’re really under no obligation to give you a puzzle at all…ever. So…zip it.

  21. If, on Sunday night, you put 10/21, 10/22 and 10/23 puzzles on the site, why can’t you have the puzzles available every morning?

  22. Puzzle for today. 10/24 PLEASE

  23. Puzzle for today, 10/27 PLEASE!

  24. Today’s puzzle Oct 31 “acess denied”. PLEASE FIX,!,,,,,,

  25. Here we go AGAIN! Sunday November 5…No access! Please fix this problem. It happens too often.

  26. margaret oliviero says:

    i sometimes cannot print puzzles but get a message saying access denied with numbers

  27. I was without a printer for a month. Today, I am gleefully printing a month’s worth of puzzles and solutions…:-). Reading some of the messages from fellow solvers, I’m so glad I dodged-the-bullet during the times when no puzzles appeared, ie: no worry that there is no 11/18 & 11/19. (I’ll be behind, but also caught up)… LOL! Thanks Crossword Lover for all your hard work.

  28. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    Well, some what of a catch up. Hooray! More from last week to come? Sure hope so – they keep my old brain working. Victoria

  29. Debbe Laszlo says:

    You’re doing a great job. Could I please get the answers for December 2nd?
    Thank you!

  30. For some reason my puzzles are being opened by Adobe Reader – a window comes up and asks if I want to open, save or save as…if I click open, nothing happens…so I have to save it…open downloads, and print from there. How do I change them from being PDF’s to just opening with my Internet Explorer?

  31. John Seely says:

    Puzzles for 1, 2 and 6 December are posted but no solution pages. Any chance that they will be posted.
    My wife loves these and I have to print a new one each day.

  32. Can you explain why your wonderful puzzles seem to miss several days a week? My wife and I love them and feel gyped when we can’t get one every day…

  33. Victoria Van Deusen says:

    Yikes- end of Sunday the 17th and 3 days without a new puzzle….. Forthcoming, I hope.

  34. Terri Walker says:

    Just curious – we’re new to your site and can’t find out how to get to the puzzle solutions, to compare how we did on them. Can you please help?

    Thanks much,

  35. Susie Strehlow says:

    Was hoping to get a reply to my previous question about when the daily crosswords are posted – are they every day? Sometimes there will be a few days that offer the same puzzle and then a few days later there will be an updated puzzle. For example, today still offers the 9/2 puzzle. Please help me understand how this works so I don’t miss a puzzle. Thank you.

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