Printable LA Times Crosswords for April 2016

Here at free daily crosswords we know some of you like to print your puzzles to complete everyday so we have provided you with a list of each days crossword puzzle and solution that are easy to load and print using with the free to use trusted Adobe PDF reader. Return daily to find a new LA Times Printable puzzles and solutions. If you have any questions about the puzzles or the solutions please use the comments form below. Thank you for supporting Free Daily Crosswords.

April 2016 Printable Los Angeles Crosswords and Solutions

(If your Sunday Puzzle is missing clues, please use the “” New Format ** )

For previous months LA Times crosswords please visit LA Times Print Crosswords

April 1, 2016 -- Crossword Lover


  1. Bette Gustafson says:

    How do I use the “new format”. Does it print the puzzle with larger type? I don’t print the LA Times puzzle anymore because the type is just too small. I like your puzzle so sometimes I print it and then use my printer to enlarge it, but that’s a nuisance and time and money wasteful. Thank you

  2. Guerry McClellan says:

    Sunday, New Format, does not print. It has an access error.

  3. Please center your puzzles for printing. They have been too short on the left margin

    • Crossword Lover says:

      Yes, we have no idea why they have changed as we have changed nothing on our end. We are waiting for one of our technical volunteers to take a look when they have some spare time from their regular job.

  4. Mike Taylor says:

    Starting on April 6, the puzzles were enlarged and now when I print them the edges are cut off. How can I fix this?


    • Crossword Lover says:

      Yes, we have no idea why they have changed as we have changed nothing on our end. We are waiting for one of our technical volunteers to take a look when they have some spare time from their regular job.

  5. For the past week I am unable to download. Just get a blank screen??

  6. Thanks for making these crosswords available online. They are a part of my routine.

  7. boo radley says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I absolutely LOVE the LA Times puzzles, especially the Sunday crossword, and appreciate this archive!!

  8. A friend of mine has the LA Times daily crossword automatically printed each day — and waiting for him on his printer at 6:00 a.m (long before my paper arrives). How can I get an automatic daily print?

  9. Ever since the new format, when I print, it’s so small I can barely read it, let alone fill it out!

    • Crossword Lover says:

      If we make it larger it then will print on multiple pages. Many people complain about that. So we are unsure how to please everybody.

    • I print it off Mozilla engine. Had issues with WSJ puzzles on Google so I switched.

  10. Sundays puzzle is missing 3 DOWN questions

    • Crossword Lover says:

      That is why we display the new format version. As we have mentioned several times there is a issue with the old format missing clues on the Sunday crosswords.

  11. Jane Amen says:

    I love the “new format” where the answers to the previous day’s puzzle can be printed on the same page, thereby saving a piece of paper for printing the solutions out separately. Can this be accomplished on the Monday – Saturday puzzles, not just the Sunday one?
    Thank you.

  12. No May 14, no May 15 and no May 16. Is it over?

  13. Mike Stamler says:

    Missing clue today, 6/12, 68 across, and no “new Format” option. Why so often do you just leave out clues (and circled letters, etc.)???

    • Crossword Lover says:

      We don’t manually make these. They are automatically printed from the online version. You can even play the online version and print these yourself. As we have mentioned before we have an alternative version for the LA Times Sunday crosswords which has all the missing clues.

      • I have mentioned this before. Look at your heading the Heading is too far over to the right, thus pushing the printable version past the page and thereby cutting off the left margin. MOVE your heading left by a couple of ENS and this will alleviate the problem. SIMPLE fix

        • Crossword Lover says:

          These are generated by the program. We can’t just move a heading. We need a programmer to modify the program in order to do this.

  14. When I attempted to print today’s puzzle, the solution appeared instead of the blank spaces.

  15. Why isn’t todays crossword on there. It is 12:30 here. I don’t understand. This has happened on more than 1 occasion. ??????

  16. I just did. ????/

  17. Nancy Hurley says:

    If you can’t print the entire puzzle without dropping clues, why print it at all. I notice the “new format” went away so there doesn’t seem to be a point to posting them.

  18. My error – there were 12 MISSING CLUES for Aug. 7, not 7 as I posted earlier. Annoying!

  19. What is up with the Sunday crosswords??

  20. Roy S. Bullard Jr. says:

    What happened to the new format for the Sunday crossword? The last time it appeared was on June 19,2016.

  21. Michael Fuller says:

    Took your advice and went to “Crossword Puzzles” and hit option “print puzzle.” I couldn’t see what I was printing, but I put my full faith in your suggestion. It printed! Beautifully! 🙂 But it was Thursday’s puzzle, which I had done on Thursday! 🙁 I agree with the person who suggested that you try to make this site as good as it can be. I love the site … when it works … and want to scream when it doesn’t. Please note that the last two Tuesdays have no puzzle offered … and now today’s.

  22. were is the friday puzzle this isnt the first time

  23. Lately puzzle s are day behind….. like no September 2nd today

  24. When are you going to get new puzzles? I’ve done what you have several tumes already.

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