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Crossword Puzzles are fun and exciting. It is remarked as the “Game to Keep Your Mind Sharp.” It is very challenging, especially for beginners. Millions of people have attempted and luckily completed the puzzles. This puzzle is an arrangement of horizontal and vertical numbered squares to be filled in with a letter to each square to form words. Each letter placed on the horizontal part is usually part of a word placed vertically. Clues are given to form the words. These clues can be a place, person, events and more. By playing crossword puzzles on a regular basis, it will surely improve someone’s spelling, enhanced vocabulary and learn general facts about art, sports, history, politics and so much more.

There are tons of crossword puzzles available in the newspapers such as New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Rocky Mountain News, Boston Globe and USA Today. However, people often times used the Internet nowadays to gather information and entertain themselves. The good thing about newspaper crossword puzzles is it is now available online. There are also tons of books that offer a big collection of crossword puzzles. Either the way, you can use any tools to play the famous and very informative game in the world.

The USA Today is rather renowned providing crossword puzzles on newspapers, books and on the Internet. It also has the maximum flow of any newspaper in the United States of America. The puzzle is published on newsprint from Monday through Friday. These puzzles offered by USA Today are very challenging. Frequently, players are incapable to solve the whole puzzle correctly. However, the answers to the puzzle are not available until the next publication is issued.

Since most of us are using the Internet, Free Daily Crosswords has provided you with daily USA Today Crosswords. These puzzles are free, can be played and print online. So if a player wishes to play multiple puzzles, he/she should visit this page daily. Our site offer numerous features such as levels of the puzzle from easy to difficult, save the game and continue to complete it later and timer that will track your play time.

Nevertheless, if a player does not possess an access to the online world and not an aficionado to play an electronic edition of the puzzle, USA Today has published different editions of crossword puzzle books. These books are available on several bookstores and stores online such as and The book features numerous collections of crossword puzzles and the answers are available at the back pages. It also published Crossword Puzzle Dictionary that contains a number of answers in one alphabetical listing and words are grouped by the number of letters they contain. The dictionary also includes special entries on areas such as Shakespeare and geography. It also highlights on proper names and nouns and appendix.

Timothy Eric Parker is the existing editor of the USA Today Crossword. He was named as the “World’s Most Syndicated Puzzle Compiler” in May 2000 by the Guinness World Records. While in May 2003, Mr. Parker became the second crossword puzzle editor of USA Today.

Anyone will surely enjoy playing our USA Today Crossword Puzzles. It is incomparable, very challenging, informative and the best thing to do during your spare times. Aside from giving you the fun activity; it will also sharpen your mind. Try to start your day with a cup of coffee and USA Today’s crossword puzzles to exercise your brain. It will give you a sense of intellectual accomplishment.

November 1, 2018 -- Crossword Lover