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December 2017 Printable Crossword Solutions
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      September 1, 2017 -- Crossword Lover


      1. Betty Criner says:

        Thank you for posting the puzzles. I look forward to printing one out daily.

      2. Oops I am sorry I meant to say the 27th I am a bit tired. Thank you!

      3. I’m on my Nook Tablet…is there a way to just look at the solutions without them downloading? Thank you, Anna

      4. For a lot of your crossword solutions, I am getting this. Used Firefox and also tried Chrome.

        Access Denied


      5. Sir Chompsalot says:

        I need the solution for October 1st 2017. The link is not working. Thanks.
        I am enjoying the free printable crosswords!

      6. I am noticing that about once a week, the solutions for the date do not match the puzzle for that date. For example, the latest one that doesn’t match is September 27, 2017. Of course, it always happens why I am stuck!

        • Crossword Lover says:

          Please look at the solutions for the previous and following days. Sometimes we make a mistake and mix them up.

      7. Bettylou Buckwalter says:

        I too very much appreciate these crosswords. But recently I can’t access the solutions. I need solutions for Oct.. The dates come up but when I click on one, a screen pops up that says I can’t access the solution. I’d so much appreciate being able to. Thanks!

      8. Thanks so much for the crosswords and solutions. I cannot access the solutions now, Every time I try, a screen pops up saying Error, “This XML file does not appear to have any information associated with it”. Is this something you can correct??

      9. Again, today I was working on October 2 and the solution doesn’t match. I look at other days but sometimes I never find the solution.

      10. Ribert Carlson says:

        You have Dec 1 & 2 2017 puzzles, but no crosswords-solutions Dec 1 or Dec 2 2017

      11. Can we get the solutions for Dec 1 & 2, 2017 put up

      12. I don’t see any solutions for the whole month of December, or am I just missing them?

      13. I can’t seem to bring up Dec 2017 solutions. It was working so well before you changed things. I’m going around in circles!

      14. Why are so many letters missing from some of the solutions? You don’t have the answers to your own clues??

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